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Phatfish CDs & DVDs

Posted on: May 22nd, 2014 by phatmusic

PHATFISH Live (Double CD)

In March 2014, PHATFISH held two historic concerts in Bournemouth, bringing the band to a close after twenty extraordinary years of ministry together. Since the mid 90’s, PHATFISH have consistently written and performed songs of depth and insight about our Amazing God, underpinned with excellent musicianship.

The PHATFISH Live album was recorded at those special concerts with an enthusiastic crowd, and features many of their most memorable songs and anthems, many of which are now sung in churches around the world. A second ‘bonus’ disk captures more of the atmosphere and includes live versions of some of their early jazz-funk material as well as more recently penned performance-orientated songs.

This album is a must-have for PHATFISH fans, but perhaps more importantly will introduce a new generation to a treasure-trove of exceptional songs that will inspire faith and praise.

01 In Jesus
02 Rise Up
03 Resurrection Life
04 Faith Is Rising
05 This Is What My God Is Like
06 The Cross
07 Amazing God
08 And Can It Be
09 To You King Jesus
10 Every Knee Shall Bow
11 Come Let Us Worship
12 What Would I Do?
13 Heavenbound
14 There Is A Day
15 Lift Up His Name


DISC TWO – Bonus Disc
01 Funkmine
02 Phat House
03 Extravagant Praise
04 An Audience With God
05 Kingdom Coming
06 Spontaneous Song
07 Come To Jesus
08 There Is Mercy
09 In The Beginning
10 Higher

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Higher (CD)

Released 2011

This collection from the Phat stable features songwriting from just about every member of the band. Stylistically we are in Rock/Pop territory but with these creative bunnies the toons can go anywhere and frequently do! There are tracks that could spin off tomorrow”s DJs through to a reworked hymn from the 18th century. A futurist ballad and an RnB influenced semi-rap about Creation and Evolution. It”s definitely not your standard worship album. Which is just how we like it!

Have a look at the fabulous title track here

The album is also available for download here

Old Price: £10.99

Price: £4.99

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Anthems for Worship (CD)

Released 2010

A superb collection of the very best worship songs from Phatfish.  ANTHEMS for Worship is a 14 track extravaganza featuring:

  • Previously unreleased live recordings of ‘Holy Holy’ and ‘Amazing God’
  • Brand new recordings of ‘O God of Love’ and ‘Here is Love vast as the Ocean’
  • Remixes of ‘Come Let us worship’, Awake, awake O Zion’ and ‘Here is the Risen Son’
  • Newly remastered versions of many other classic worship songs from the Phatfish writers.

The 14 songs featured on this collection are sung in churches around the world and will draw you to reflect upon the majesty, beauty, mercy and love of our amazing God.

The album is also available for download here

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Hope – Phatfish Unplugged Live (CD)

Released: 2002 Running time: 63 mins

The first Phatfish live album, this CD captures the amazing atmosphere of the acoustic gigs that Phatfish performed in January 2002. There are new arrangements of some of their classic older songs, as well as new material. Special guests Stuart Townend, Kate Simmonds and Brian Houston add a number of their own superb songs and help make this a remarkable album. This is Phatfish as you’ve never heard them before…

NB. This CD is also included as a bonus disk in the ‘There is a Day’ DVD box.

The album is also available for download here

Price: £5.99

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Purple Through the Fishtank (CD)

Released: 1999. Running time: 44mins

This album is on the “Pamplin” label and much of it was recorded in Nashville. It was the first album in which the band used an outside producer; Alan Shacklock (The Alarm, It Bites, Phil Keaggy, Meat Loaf), and the sound has a bigger, more commercial edge than previous Phatfish works. It was also the first album since Alan Rose joined the band to replace guitarist Mike Blow. The music is rocky with big hooks and catchy melodies, while lyrically the songs are praise and worship orientated, leaving the listener in no doubt as to where the band”s allegiance lies.

The album is also available for download here and on cassette here

Price: £5.99

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